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Tax health check

The management of Shenzhen-located Japanese manufacturing Company A would like to learn about the compliance of internal tax operation, then in 2014 authorized us to conduct tax health check on the CIT and VAT declaration of the last three years.

Our services:
  • To collect the financial and tax documents related to the CIT and VAT declaration of the last three years;
  • To review the collected information, and to interview with the management Company A on relevant issues;
  • According to the basic data provided by Company A, to test the tax burden of CIT and VAT of the last three years, to compare with the actual declared data to identify existed problems, and to further confirm with the management;
  • To prepare and issue tax health check report;
  • To communicate with the management of Company A on issues found in tax health check, and to provide suggestions on improvement in the future.

In the case above, we completed the tax health check within half a month, and assisted the client to identify the ignorance and weakness in current tax work and improve correspondingly, thereby to enhance the management of tax work.