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Term description and others

Term description and others

In agreeing to Denchi advisory service agreement, clients would have agreed to us in accordance with the terms of use and privacy disclosure of your personal information. All the terms and conditions of this privacy clause are part of the agreement.


User ID and Password

After register an account, we would request the user to stick with his/her user ID and password. If your password is lost, your personal information might lose which may cause unpleasant consequences towards the client or his/her company. Therefore, despite any reason or circumstances, client can contact us as a web client to get some restriction towards his/her account.


Account registration information

When client register as a member, we would request the client to provide their company registration information, including the client’s real identity, email, telephone number, company name and address. We would use the contact details given to inform the client the services we provide.


Disclosure and use of information

We will not provide, sell, rent, share and exchange the user's personal information to any irrelevant third party. In order the client to have a better service, the following agreement must be made:

· Sending their personal information to Denchi Advisory service; Sending the information of the client’s partner to us if compulsory.

· You agree that we may disclose or use the information for you and your enterprise to identify or confirm your identity or business, or to resolve the dispute, or help to ensure site safety, to limit fraud or other illegal criminal activities, to carry out our service agreement.

· You agree that we can disclose or use your and enterprise information to improve our service and make our services more suitable towards your requirements, so that you can get better experience in our services.

· You agree that we can contact you with the information of your company and the enterprise, and provide you with the information you are interested in, such as: product information (you accept the "service agreement" and this privacy clause, which is expressly agreed to receive these information)

· We will disclose your information in good faith when we are enforced by law or in accordance with the government or in accordance with the requirements of the obligation for the identification of suspected infringing persons.


Exchange and storage information

· All clients information would be preserved on the Denchi Advisory server.

· If you found out any inaccurate data while using Denchi Advisory server, client can correct it.

· Accordance with the law or from a reasonable business purpose, if the client wouldn’t want us to keep the data or information provided, we will delete it at your request.

· Before accepting each user to visit, we require the user first to confirm their identity as well as their processing information, and we may refuse to accept the following request:

- unreasonable request repeatedly or systemize request;

- request that needed much technical effort;

-jeopardize the privacy of others at request;

as long as we provide access to information and correct permissions, this service will be free of charge, unless this effort required is too large.

· For our maintenance, after the client deleted their information from our system, it might need a period of time for our server to delete the corresponding copy in the system, and the copy will be kept in our backup system.


External links

Our website has links that leads to other website, but Denchi Advisory does not guarantee privacy protection those links. We may add addition links of business partners or shared brand websites when needed.



To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.


Contact us

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


When you are using Denchi’s official website, please carefully read and fully understand the terms below to avoid any dispute and misunderstanding. At the same time, when you choose and use Denchi, we acknowledge that you agree with all the terms in this disclaimer.

· In the event of hacker attack, computer virus invasion or explosion, government decree, effective law change, fire, earthquake, turmoil, war, power failure, the software or hardware of the client or telecommunication sector malfunction, or part or all of this website discontinue, delay, missing due to negligence, the transmission of the material and data malfunctions and the registered data are leaked, lost, misappropriated, or tampered. Denchi is not liable for these events.

· If the government requests to censor or disclose the member data of the website, leading to disclose the individual data, Denchi is not liable for these events.

Denchi will try its best to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the course audios, videos, cases, other texts or pictures, and external links along with the product promotion inside in our website, but Denchi is not liable for the negative impact resulting from these information.

· If the user acquire any material, product information or service not align with the fact from the website’s external-linked website, Denchi is not lawfully liable to these events or any consequences resulted from them.

· Any course video, audio, explanation for the policies and other information uploaded in this website are all prepared by Denchi based on currently effective policy and long-time professional experience. Denchi retains the right to judge part of this information, and publish, revise, delete.

· If Denchi Advisory website suffers attach from illegal groups, or information borrowing illegally, thereby causing adverse effects and consequences, Denchi Advisory will cooperate with the investigation and other legal institutions, which bring inconvenience or loss of economic to users of the site, Denchi Advisory website does not assume any responsibility.

· If the user used a third party software to retrieve information from Denchi Advisory illegally, such as sharing the same account with others, Denchi Adviosry has the right to stop their accounts, and not returning the refund. Facing the serious consequences, Denchi Advisory website have the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

· Please refer to relevant laws and regulations of the state, if any aspect not mentioned in the terms. In any circumstances, please refer to the laws and regulations of the state, if there’s a conflict happens between the terms and the laws and regulations of the state

Denchi Advisory website have the right for all protocols in this web site, the terms of the deletion, update, and reserves the right of final interpretation.


Thank you for supporting Shenzhen city Denchi Advisory Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Denchi"), if you need to quote the video, data, information and other content information, please read the disclaimer carefully:

1. The teaching video, service provided by Denchi Advisory is protected under intellectual property law or other corresponding legal protection, including but not limited to by the copyright law and its implementation rules, the protection of trademark law and its implementation rules and other laws.

2. Content on our network (, Denchi Advisory owns the copyright and has the right to use, including but not limited to all video files, text, sound files, web design. Without Denchi Advisory license, the user may not spread (including reprint, posted, modify, rent, etc.) interpretation of other derivative works.

3. The VI logo, design and product and service names of Denchi Advisory, belongs to Denchi Advisory, and only can be used by Denchi Advisory and authorized partners. People with non authorized permission, cannot use, copy.

4. Statements made by users only represents as an individual. Denchi Advisory provide users a platform to write comments and questions, the relevant copyright caused for issued by the users of this version of the content, copyright and other intellectual property rights of objection, disputes and litigation, we would not bear any responsibility.

5. Quotation needed to be added to copyright content “(or from) Denchi Advisory". The network reproduced or quoted by news of the content must be reasonable for the purpose of use, good reference.

6. For those who do not comply with this statement or other illegal actions using the content of this web site, we will have the right to pursue legal actions. This network authorizes copyright lawyers to handle all copyright affairs of the network.

7. Copyright Clarify Copyright ownership belongs to Denchi Advisory.