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Denchi Advisory Co., Ltd (Denchi), founded in 2013, is a professional Chinese tax and business consulting firm. Denchi is committed to provide a full range service of taxation and business solution to domestic and foreign enterprises. In Chinese, Denchi (Chuan zhi) means to “spread intelligence and share our success”. Denchi also has the same pronunciation as “battery” in Japanese. This simplifies our hope to inject energy to the clients and help them succeed.

Our project managers and partners all have working experience in the Big 4 accounting firms. Also, we have a lot of employees who are proficient in foreign languages (English & Japanese at business level), familiar with foreign company culture, professional in Chinese tax, and passionate about their work.

We are committed to provide high quality services comparable to Big 4 accounting firms with competitive fee quotes since the establishment of Denchi. We share our professional knowledge and provide the solutions which satisfy the needs of the companies. We hope these solutions and reports would relief the risk and expense in finance, taxation, custom, and foreign exchange. We also hope to help the company focus on the development of their major operation, and finally succeed.

Currently, Denchi has two branches located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou to support clients in South China conveniently and efficiently.

Denchi Advisory Co. Ltd (Denchi) is one of the main members in China Tax Advisory Company Group (“CTAC GROUP”).

CTAC Group is an organization comprised of various member firms and organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, etc. CTAC Group engages in providing high-quality tax and business advisory services and strives to become one of the leading tax and consulting organizations.

Most members in CTAC Group are expects of law, taxation or business planning.

Yukang Wang, senior partner of CTAC Group, was the former Deputy Director of International Tax Department of SAT. When he held the position, Mr. Wang was mainly in charge of international tax cooperation, tax treaties, exchange of tax information, international tax anti-avoidance and advanced pricing agreements (APA).

  • Provide high quality services comparable to big 4 accounting firm with reasonable fee quotes.
  • Assist clients to solve problems by sharing our professional knowledge.
  • Customize services case by case.
  • Grow up with our client.
  • To be leading consulting firm in south China.
 Price and service quality 

In the tax consulting industry, customers have only been able to choose between international accounting firms and local consulting firms in the past. The former is expensive and the latter is difficult to provide satisfactory services.

Our company is the foundation to provide the industry's highest level of service, under this premise, consulting for customers to reduce costs as much as possible. Philip Chuan Chi since its inception, has been committed to provide customers with high quality and reasonable cost of the big four accounting firms quality professional services.

 Our team specialties 
  • Proficient in tax and accounting knowledge
  • Good communication skills in Japanese and English Business terms
  • Have a profound understanding of the culture of foreign invested enterprises

Meanwhile, our company uses incentive system to ensure each member pays attention to the customer

 Our team features 

A lot of consulting companies to adopt the method of service of foreign experts local service personnel. Foreign experts mainly responsible for marketing and customer communication, to provide local service personnel responsible for service. In this process, there will be a lot of internal communication and real time and cost, service personnel can not directly affect the understanding of customer needs, customer the effect of service.

We provide services to master a foreign language and foreign enterprise culture Chinese experts directly to foreign customers, it can reduce the time and cost a lot of communication links, and more importantly, service personnel can directly understand the needs of customers, customers can also hear China expert opinion.

Richard Wang

Richard had worked in one of the Big 4 accounting firms, served as a senior manager in Tax and Business Advisory team. He has more than 10 years’ professional experience, serving overall Tax and Business consulting services to clients from Foreign-founded enterprises of World Top 500 to national enterprises.

Richard delivered professional speeches in many institutes including the China Certified Tax Agents Association, Chinese Embassy Aboard, Japan Certified Accounting Agents Association, Chamber of Commerce of foreign enterprise, Chinese national authorities and tax bureau and so on. Besides, he also published professional articles regularly on “Internationl Tax (Japan)”.

Specialized in :
Tax Planning in Corporate Investment, Financing and M&A
Corporate Reorganizations
Consulting services in Tax Planning, Tax Compliance, Customs and Foreign Exchange
Health Check; Customs inspection defense
Transfer Pricing services including Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation, Advance Pricing Arrangement and Dispute Resolution

Vincence Huang

Vincence Huang had worked in the Tax and Business Advisory team in one of the Big 4 accounting firms and a national large accounting firm with qualification of Securities and Futures. He has more than 10 years of professional experience, providing tax advisory, auditing and accounting services for many State-Owned Enterprise, National Enterprise and Transnational Corporate.

Vincence has a wide range of experience in providing corporate reorganization, equity structure and business model design, tax consulting service of IPO, international tax planning, evaluation and avoidance of tax risk of different business situation, the establishment of internal control and management system of tax, negotiation in the tax dispute, transfer pricing, customs and indirect tax and so on. He is especially skilled in applying current regulation in flexible ways to avoid tax risks and alleviate tax burden.

He is also a EMBA graduate from Ling Nan College of Sun Yat-Sen University and training class for leading managers in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Jacqueline Yi

Dr. Yi had more than four years working experience in one of the Big 4 accounting firms as a senior manger in Tax and Business Advisory team. She has a wide range experience specializing in providing tax consulting service for Transnational Corporate and National Enterprise as well as international tax planning, transfer pricing , tax consulting services of IPO and negotiation in tax dispute. In that period, she assisted many foreign-funded corporate in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai and Fushan in tax planning of international corporate an equity structure.

Before joining Big 4 accounting firm, Dr. Yi had served as vice dean and inspection chief of Zhongshan Local Taxation Bureau in Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau, handling over few hundreds cases. She is familiar with Business Tax, Enterprise Income Tax and Individual Income Tax.

Dr. Yi was successfully selected as one of the first generation of leading talent in taxation area(18 talents in total in China ) by State Administration of Taxation.

Currently, Dr. Yi holds a concurrent role of a professor of Jinan University and City University of Macao as well as tax lecturer in Lingnan Colleage of Sun Yet-sen University.

Linda Long

Linda had worked in two of the Big 4 accounting firms for 7 years, served as a manager in tax and business advisory team. After that, she joined in a large state-owned enterprise and took a roll as a manager in tax department for 4 years. With rich experience in tax advisory and management, she knows well of the key points of tax management for enterprise.

Specialized in :
Tax consulting services in the process of IPO and corporate reorganization
The build-up of tax risk inner control system
Tax planning in different business models
Customized tax planning services
Tax compliance services such as Final Calculation and Settlement of Enterprise Income Tax and Health Check services
Tax inspection defense

Sumer Xia

Summer has been working in the Big 4 accounting firms (China and Japan office) for nearly nine years, as a senior manager of tax and business consulting, providing several of famous multinational enterprises and local enterprises with comprehensive professional solutions on investment, tax and customs.

Summer has been working in a well-known communications equipment company in China for nearly 3 years, serving as the overseas investment director, and engaged in the establishment, alteration, closure and equity structure design of overseas subsidiaries.

Grace Chen

Grace had worked in a China's tax bureau for five years, engaging in tax inspection and internal and external tax advisory.

Grace had worked in Canada and China offices of the Big Four accounting firms for eight years and has rich experience in tax accounting related to international tax, the design of structure in multinational companies, corporate restructuring and M&A, cross-border investment and private enterprises, international expansion of state-owned enterprises

As the tax director in Greater China and Asia scope of several Fortune 500 companies, Grace has been experienced in tax planning and transfer pricing. Besides, she has sophisticated experience in interacting with the Customs the SAFE and other business authorities.

Edie Huang

Edie had been working in the Big 4 accounting firms for over 7 years, as manager of assurance and advisory team, providing service for the biggest New energy vehicle manufactory and famous TMT company in China.

She had also worked as a senior manger for top global retail company.

She is familiar with Chinese GAAP 、IFRS and US GAAP. She had also been in charge of IPO projects in manufacture and education industry.

Ida Cui

Ida had 10 years working experience in tax bureau in China. Familiar with Chinese taxation system and great experience of taxation collection and clearance work. She‘ s good at taxation filing, taxation disputes and tax planning.

Vivian Liu

Vivian had worked in one of the Big 4 accounting firms and served as a manager of tax and business advisory team for 5 years. She has rich experience in providing all around tax and business services for large-scale enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and national enterprises.

Specialized in :
Tax consulting services and practices services in the process of IPO and corporate reorganization
Tax exemption application
Tax Due Diligence and health check service
Tax inspection defense of tax bureau
Consulting services company establishment, change and liquidation
Tax compliance services such as Tax filling, Final Calculation and Settlement of Enterprise Income Tax

Emily Wei

Emily had worked in a large Japanese-funded enterprise for 11 years, serving as financial manager. She was mainly in charge of fund management, tax management, financial analysis, project evaluation, construction of ERP system and team building work.

Specialized in :
Finance and tax management inner control system build-up
Consulting services of foreign exchange, customs and corporate tax
Tax and customs inspection defense
Tax planning service for different business models

Jane Chen

Jane was an intern in two of the Big Four Accounting firms and joined Denchi Advisory afterwards. She has extensive practical experience in business tax consulting, especially in the field of reorganization and liquidation. Moreover, she masters Japanese and English.

Specialized in :
Enterprise restructuring related tax advisory services, agent procedures Services
tax, customs investigation / inspection
Tax reporting services
Customs, foreign exchange, tax consulting, etc.

  • Personal integrity, corporate integrity, customer trust.
  • Each employee at all levels follows professional ethics strictly.
  • Abide by integrity, adhere to carefully follow the occupation morals, is one of the values in Denchi.
  • We don't take our customers' trust for granted. And the value principle is behoove occupation moral concept in Denchi since its inception, and will continue in the future, strict commitment to maintaining customer trust.