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Case of family succession

  • In a medium-sized furniture manufacturing vendors in Japan, the son A was still a university student when the father, the entrepreneur first generation, died suddenly. The younger brother of the entrepreneur first generation took over the company as the president. A few years later, the son A started working in the same company. Due to the indecision of the younger brother of the entrepreneur first generation, it did not take effective measures during the depression of the furniture industry, resulting in the deterioration of the performance of the company. The son A advocated to retreat from manufacturing industry and expostulated to the president as well. The president entrusted us to assist with the business transition.

  • Our services:
    • To discuss in depth with the president and the son A about specific measures for the business transition of the company.
    • To lead the layoffs in the manufacturing department, and to deal with the labor and other tough issues on behalf of the management of the company.
    • To provide consulting services in finance, tax and business during the process of transition, and to support the business conversion of the company.
  • After the layoffs, the current president retired, and the son A, as the successor, took over the company as the new president. The company is now focused on the sales of furniture.
  • No conflict in routine occurred between the current president and the son A, the work handover was completed smoothly, and the company successfully achieved the update of business model.
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