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Case of business training

  • China Merchants Bank Dongguan branch planned to hold a feedback training for its VIP clients, and thus conducted a research in advance on the topics in which the clients were interested. With the frequently change of tax related policy and the extremely instability of capital market, the financing of private enterprises became a hot topic, and many enterprises would like to learn about related tax issues. The bank invited us to organize such a special lecture, and the senior partner of DENCHI, Richard Wang, who worked more than 10 years in Big 4, acted as the lecturer.
  • The theme of the lecture is "Major issues on business operation from the perspective of tax", and the main contents include: to view tax in five minutes, when should the boss pay attention to tax issues, the latest major reform in tax, and how should the boss strengthen tax management.
  • With vivid case and plain language, the lecturer shared tax issues on equity structure design, business models, mergers and acquisitions, financing and listing, and business succession, solved some general confusion that the bosses of private enterprises encountered in business operation, and gained high praise. It happened several times during the lecture that people stood up to take pictures.
  • After the lecture, some enterprises actively promised to visit us for internal structure rectification, and some enterprises determined the schedule to invite us for further internal training.