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Case of Listing

  • A private enterprise is mainly engaged in food production, processing and sales, with its sales channels covering China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. After having experienced the period of capital accumulation, the private enterprise is now in the process of steady growth. With comprehensive consideration, the management the enterprise decides to list on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), but there exists a lot of tax issues in the early development of private enterprises. In early 2014, the private enterprise entrusted us to provide comprehensive tax services before listing.

  • Our services:
    • To conduct a full range of internal financial and tax health check for enterprises, including accounting and tax treatment, status of related party transactions, overseas and foreign exchange situation.
    • Combining the business and operating situation of enterprises and related parties, to study related tax policy. In the meanwhile, to analyze the tax-related situation and the opportunities and risks in planning of enterprises and related parties, to complete the financial and tax analysis report;
    • According to the arrangement above, to develop the implementation plan and determine the listing period, the subject and other preliminary issues.
    • To develop the implementation procedures and the specific planning of the group equity restructuring and the financial and tax standardization, including the group structure restructuring procedures, the capital arrangement and improvement procedures, the financial improvement procedures, the tax improvement procedures and the internal management improvement procedures.
    • To guide and supervise, according to the implementation schedule, to assist enterprises to implement the improvement work in three phases (with a total duration of two years), and to continuously monitor the implement situation of each department and each step and to report to the management.
    • To contact with brokers, lawyers, accountants and other intermediaries, and to complete the preparation of documents required for listing.
  • The case is progressing smoothly with the services above nearing completion, and the financial and tax summarizing work has been finished. Compared with the amount of the overdue tax payment proposed at first by the accountant of the client, the amount has been greatly reduced after our tax planning. The overall quality of main financial staffs of the company has been improved significantly, and the daily financial and tax treatment has been in routine state. Now the case is at the phase of docking with intermediaries, and the audit report for the historical periods has been completed.
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