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General advisory services

DENCHI can provide a full range of tax and business advisory services for your company, including but not limited to:

 General tax advisory services 

It is both a largest challenge and a great opportunity for enterprises to effectively manage the investment, tax, customs and foreign exchange in a way conforming to their business objects and operation needs. DENCHI can provide a full range of business advisory services for such matters, including the key points explanation, specific circumstances analysis and regulations update and training, etc., to enable enterprises to focus on their core business.

 Tax preference application 

DENCHI specializes in assisting enterprises to identify applicable tax preferences to obtain cash benefits, and ultimately to lower the effective tax rate to improve profits. Our services include analysis of applicable tax benefits, preparation of explanation documents, application, and coordination with government agencies.

 Tax health check and due diligence 

Tax health check or due diligence is like a detailed examination of the body. Through the inspection or investigation, management or counterparty will learn whether the company complies with the relevant provisions of Chinese tax laws and regulations. Considering the situation to gradually strengthen tax collection by China tax authorities, to effectively control risks, tax health check and due diligence turn to gain the popularity among many management or counterparty and become particularly important.

 Tax & customs investigation response 

DENCHI has a wealth of experience in Tax & customs investigation response and foreign exchange standardization. Based on the platform of CTAC, DENCHI owns good network resources and has smooth channels of communication with Tax bureau & customs at all levels. With regard to various customs inspection cases faced by enterprises, DENCHI works closely with enterprises. Through profound interpretation and flexible use of laws and regulations as well as effective communication with all levels of government departments, we provide enterprises with practical solutions, minimize and avoid risks associated with Tax bureau & customs.

 Other customs related services 

Based on extensive experience in cases, DENCHI can assist enterprises with customs health check, establishment of customs internal control system, and also application for AEO certification.DENCHI provides enterprises with customs inspection response, customs pricing dispute response and commodity classification dispute response related consulting services.

 Foreign exchange related consulting services 

With regard to foreign exchange management, DENCHI provides enterprises with non-trade foreign remittance, foreign debt registration, as well as registered capital increment or reduction related agency services.